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From: "Michael Ströder" <>
Subject: [Galene] Re: read groups from API
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2021 03:12:18 +0100	[thread overview]
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On 1/3/21 2:00 AM, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>> It would be helpful if groups could be retrieved from a simple web
>> service which just returns the JSON data.
> Why does that need to be part of Galène ?  Why can't it be a separate
> service that has access to the filesystem with Galène's configuration
> files?

Of course syncing files would be possible and I will do that if there's
no other possibility. But it's more complicated with some sync latency.

> This way, Galène doesn't need write access to its configuration
> directory, which is good for security and simplifies deployment (you can
> run it in a read-only container).

Galène should not write to its config. But instead of reading a file
from the filesystem it could just send a HTTP(S) request to an API (with
simple HTTP basic authentication).

>> This would make it possible to integrate with other database-backed
>> management systems so that implementing #11 is not really needed.
> I fully agree that the management interface should not be part of Galène
> itself: Galène never writes to disk except if you ask it to record a file,

Be assured I highly appreciate this approach.

> and that two instances of Galène can use a single configuration
> directory.
I'd argue that using a web API is much simpler than a shared network
file system.

>   - changes to group definition files will be picked up the next time
>     a client connects;

Why not just query the group from an API?

>   - changes to the ice-servers.json file will be picked up after two
>     minutes at most, but will only apply to new clients;
>   - changes to the SSL key or to the data/passwd file are not picked up
>     yet, but that is planned in the future.

Both not that important for me. Not sure how others feel about this.

> So my opinion is that an administrative interface should not be hacked
> into Galène

+1, especially because it will never be complete (for whatever defintion
of "complete" one might come up with).

>> I'd volunteer to implement an example web service based on Python with
>> fastapi module.
> Sure, and don't hesitate to suggest improvements to the configuration file
> format.

Yes, I have some ideas like validity period or similar. Will send a
separate message soon.

> In particular, I'm not particularly fond of the current
> permissions system

Agreed. ;-)

Thanks again for Galène.

Ciao, Michael.

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