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From: Juliusz Chroboczek <>
To: Fabrice Rouillier <>
Subject: [Galene] Re: Galene & Raspberry
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 11:56:12 +0200	[thread overview]
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> BTW : I have installed Galene at Inria Paris for some conferences cycle,
> first test was today with around 40 people + one conference room
> equipped with audio speakers and ambiant micros, our first true
> « hybrid » conference.

Excellent.  Could you please provide me with a link to the conference, so
I can produce it in my next activity report?

> I did couple this with a streaming with OBS installed in a virtual
> machine with a VNC access (so th only need for the operator is to have
> an internet connection to launch OBS which is pre-configured, only one
> button to press)

I see.  Hopefully we can have native support for OBS in Galene once they
implement WebRTC, but I wouldn't hold my breath, the OBS team don't seem
too interested in improving their networking stack.

>> That's interesting -- perhaps I should do some profiling on 32-bit ARM to
>> see where the inefficiency comes from.

> I suspect this is a sum of things.  A part is due to the use of the 64
> bit linux kernel itself. 50% more powerful for php for example.  Another
> part is probably due to the disabling of the wifi (at least for the
> impression when connecting) Probably also the version of go plays some
> role

Perhaps.  It could also be due to a single hotspot -- perhaps the crypto
(the RPi doesn't do AES in hardware), it could be slow I/O, or it could be
the locking implementation that is different on 64- and 32-bit.  I've got
a 32-bit ARM board lying somewhere (a Beaglebone, thanks Dave), but it
doesn't have Ethernet, so it's tricky to test.

-- Juliusz

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