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From: Fabrice Rouillier <>
To: Juliusz Chroboczek <>
Subject: [Galene] Re: Galene & Raspberry
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 20:37:36 +0200	[thread overview]
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BTW : I have installed Galene at Inria Paris for some conferences cycle, first test was today with around 40 people + one conference room equipped with audio speakers and ambiant micros, our first true « hybrid » conference. I did couple this with a streaming with OBS installed in a virtual machine with a VNC access (so th only need for the operator is to have an internet connection to launch OBS which is pre-configured, only one button to press)

The result was highly convincing : a total of 12 processor threads (8 for OBS, 4 for Galene)  used by 2 Linux virtual machines.

> That's interesting -- perhaps I should do some profiling on 32-bit ARM to
> see where the inefficiency comes from.

I suspect this is a sum of things.
A  part is due to the use of the 64 bit linux kernel itself. 50% more powerful for php for example.
Another part is probably due to the disabling of the wifi (at least for the impression when connecting)
Probably also the version of go plays some role

>> In particular, this combo becomes a light and very efficient solution
>> for a use with the family.
> Please tell your family that Galene's author said hi !
Haha : I did let all the informations, they already asked me who is Juliusz :-)

>> - would it be difficult to implement a « ring button » in order that
>>  a new visitor can send a notification to the other people who are
>>  connected but not in front of their Galene Window ?
> 1. Add the button in galene.html and style it in galene.css.
> […]

Thanks, I will try soon.

>> - would it be difficult tu implement different landing pages, for
>>  example one where we just ask for a pseudo ?
> You have two solutions.  The quick and dirty one would be to edit the div
> with class "login-container" in galene.html.  If you need to supply
> passwords or change the username, you may do that in the function
> 'gotConnected' in galene.js.

I will start with the dirty way :-)

> The alternative would be to write your own login server that computes
> a JWT token and redirects to Galene.  The advantage is that you can write
> the server in any language you wish, but it's a little more complicated.
> See the section 'Authentication Portal' of the file README.PROTOCOL.
Thanks again, I will try it later.

All the best,


> -- Juliusz

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